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Oh LJ, has it been two months one year already? Guess I can't pretend it's just a fling anymore...

1. Definitely unnecessary Masterlist of fic below the cut.
2. Probably unnecessary Rec Tag and Art Tag.
3. My stuff is also on AO3 and on deviantart.com, though I check/update those less often. :)

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KS Big Bang 2014 art for rabidchild

Art for rabidchild's fantastic entry to ksbigbang 2014 - a dark, yet uplifting story of two passionate, self-destructive people falling apart and falling in love. Personally, I would describe this fic as "red-lit," and that was the motivating idea behind my artwork (you'll see what I mean).

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KS Big Bang 2014 art for noodleinabarrel

Finally, art for the lovely noodleinabarrel's entry to ksbigbang 2014! Academy era fic + dating-for-research and bonus oblivious!Spock sends me straight to my happy place. Go and read!

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Art for TWReversebang: Moondust

Art for twreversebang! I had so much fun drawing this Stardust-inspired poster and working with the brilliant transfixeddream. Go and read his awesome story! (Click art below to view full-size, as usual)

Title: Moondust
Author: transfixeddream
Fandom: Teen Wolf fusion with Stardust (2007)
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In order to prove his devotion, Stiles offers to retrieve a newly fallen moon in exchange for his love's hand in marriage. However, what he finds is not exactly expected.


Paper Legends bb art: London, Said He

Art for the lovely ureshiiichigo's entry to paperlegends! Many thanks to ureshiiichigo for her encouragement, patience and (of course) inspiration! Go and read her amazing fic:

Title: London, Said He
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur, one-sided Gwaine/Merlin, implied Gwaine/Percy
Rating: R
Word Count: ~45k
Warnings: Temporary character death, non-existent technology
Summary: This really hasn't been Merlin's day. Or week. Or month, really. Seeing his best friend die in front of him was bad enough. But magicking himself into the future in order to save Arthur? Probably not as good an idea as it seemed on paper. And this future version of Gwaine will not stop hitting on him. Even in front of the future Arthur - talk about embarrassing. Especially since Merlin needs to get to know this Arthur if he's ever going to figure out how to save his.

Story link: AO3 | LJ
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london said he ss
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Finally, art for the talented luvsbitca's entry to ksbigbang 2013, Alternative Serendipity (also on AO3)! Always-a-girl!Kirk is one of my absolute favorite tropes, and moonbeam does such a fantastic job. Go and read!

ks bb banner color
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Psst...spread the word! (tumblr)

Art for 5 X Bitty Bang

Some art for the fantastic neverminetohold's entry to fivetimesbb. Look at all that lovely slash! Go read and enjoy dearies. :)

Click to see image fullsize.

Five Times Three Words Remained Unspoken But Were Plain To See And The One Time It Was So Bloody Damn Obvious

"Love is... "
Fandom(s): Person of Interest; James Bond – Skyfall; The Bourne Legacy; Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol; 03:10 To Yuma; The Avengers
Rating: T
Summary: Love is...
… to accept pins and needles in your hand (even if you are in denial)
… going to McDonald's (much to Mr Bond's dismay)
… to massage his shoulders now (and get naked later)
… to let him go (he will need the head start)
… to follow, wherever he might lead (you thought you knew; you don't)
… to re-decorate Loki-style (happy coronary, Mr Fury!)
Links: LJ | AO3

Planet Hipster

Preceding a visit to Planet Hipster, the captain and his senior staff deal with a fashion conundrum...
Inspired by these two pictures at jim_and_bones. Click image to see comic fullsize.


Here on tumblr if you're the reblogging type!

pic & fic: A Strange Thing (G)

Based off two lovely pictures fromjim_and_bones. And then...random AU: What if McCoy never joined Starfleet?


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Don't Mess With T'Pring

I know T'Pring doesn't exist in the Reboot 'verse (and may never exist, given the Uhura/Spock plotline and Vulcan being destroyed and all that jazz...), but if she did I like to imagine that she'd be a butt-kicking, take-no-prisoners, no-nonsense kind of lady. She might might lack facial expression, but so what? Deadpan compliments her pleather pants.

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